College of the North Atlantic – Board of Governors

On October 2, 2018, the Lieutenant-Governor appointed the following individuals to the College of the North Atlantic – Board of Governors for three-year terms:

  • Peter Adams
  • Brenda Kelleher-Flight

The Board of Governors is vested with the management of administration and academic affairs at College of the North Atlantic through the duties and powers of the Board outlined in the College Act, 1996 (Sections 15 and 16). The Board is concerned with the governance of the College including: providing and operating facilities for program delivery; approving, authorizing and providing programs that meet the labour market demands of the province; and, making policies to govern the organization, administration and operation of the College including personnel policies. The Board also assigns duties to the President (Section 8).

The Board of Governors’ role includes: policy formulation to direct priorities and directions to be achieved by the institution; ensuring accountability through assessment of institutional performance; facilitator to the College and its stakeholders; and, support to, and assessment of, the performance of the President.